i went to watch gotg, and what is this furry

im gonna upload all the stuff i drew before i travel

i went to addie’s home yesterday and we talked about bubbline 

More low quality photos i took in Berlin, 3 years ago.

i will never finish this like the original idea i had in my mind :/

i started yowapeda like a week ago? i cant believe it

i need to draw on my new digital tablet more…………….hm

i rarely draw them :o

My first gif from Barcelona’s Aquarium.


does this count as a comic, because there’s no text and a bad story line, but basically i could do whatever i wanted with the word ”model” or modelo, like what inspires you for your actual artistic work, and i thought ”draw” a comic referencing of to all the art styles i like from what i’ve seen on the internet and painters from art history

the whole story is a weird dream when my dad was sleeping and had a nightmare where he saved all his family from their home being burn but then he couldnt save himself and woke up, and the whole family thought he was dead because he stopped breathing and give no reactions for hours, the whole thing is amazing and creepy as hell, 

yeah he was a kid, so he doesn’t remember the whole thing >:I

also i’m not really good with my english writing!